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Did they mention that cuba is amost the #1 spot in the world for women and children being trafficed in the sex trade? Did they mention that it exports and serves as a waystation for most of the drugs entering the US? Did they also mention that both of these aren't considered crimes by the government?

It's really easy to have low crime statistics when the goverment doesn't call them crimes. While I think there's an argument to be made for victimless crimes of drug use, human trafficking is a violation of most morals and laws anywhere you look.

You may want to try a statistics site. Also be aware you're generally railroaded through the nicer areas. I had a buddy go to jamacia and he said it was night and day. If you're in the "resort areas" you're fine. Cross that really tall wall and you're in the ghetto.

i got called on bringing a cane to school, didn't get suspended or anything, but they me take it home. no, i didn't have a limp or anything. i'm just that kind of faggot.

when I was a kid... this reads like one of those come visit the miracle that is Cuba.

How much of Stalin's cock did you suck prior to arriving in Cuba?

How did you not get arrested for having visited there?

Why are you telling us any of this propaganda bullshit?

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