Overcoming Pittakionophobia, Anxiety of Stickers, With Hypnotherapy

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Sticker dread is a effective phobia that impacts lots of men and women all over the entire world

Like all phobias, it is basically an nervousness condition.

Just place, these with this specific phobia experience different degrees of anxiousness when faced with stickers or sticky labels – no matter whether those stickers are on fruit these as apples, bananas or kiwis, on plastic goods, domestic appliances or on clothes, it would make small difference.

This phobia can make even the most courageous human being shiver with fear.

Probably the principal rationale that this individual phobia is so little acknowledged is since men and women struggling from this irrational concern have often created a sense of abnormality or shame, wrongly believing that only they have this particular challenge.

For the reason that of this, people who are frightened of stickers or of sticky labels usually experience foolish, starting to be hesitant to discuss about it to other people and so it stays mainly concealed.

Certainly, in my clinical exercise I have addressed only two men and women for this distinct phobia. Equally ended up customers who had been correctly addressed for other situations and who described, nearly in passing, that they also endured from the fear of stickers.

After uncovered, nonetheless, it is a fairly simple technique to forever remove the fear and phobia.

The true issue, of system, is that most of all those suffering from this debilitating phobia merely do not know that successful treatment method is offered. Signs or symptoms of a sticker phobia are comparable to people of other phobias: amplified heart level, palpitations, dry mouth, shortness of breath and even feelings of dizziness or nausea when uncovered to the rationally benign stimulus of stickers or sticky labels.

So hidden is this phobia that currently there appears to be no generally acknowledged name for the fear of stickers or of sticky labels. It simply does not presently appear on any phobia checklist.

Even so, I have coined a neologism – or new phrase – for this phobia, based on good linguistic procedures, which I give here.

The phrase ‘phobia’ arrives from the Greek term indicating ‘fear’ and the rule is that any suffix attached to it should really also be of Greek origin. (Although some phobia names incorporate suffixes derived from Latin, this is linguistically incorrect and has been brought about merely since the health professionals who coined the name of the phobia had been additional familiar with Latin than they have been with Greek!)

The benefit of acquiring a accurate identify for the irrational panic of stickers and of sticky labels is that those people suffering from this phobia might nicely locate true relief in exploring that there is without a doubt a identify for their mystery fear and so could truly feel a lot less irregular and exclusive.

Getting a accurate identify for any condition that disturbs us is a important move ahead in turning out to be empowered to look for correct cure for it.

The title I supply is ‘pittakionophobia’.

Initially, this could appear to be like a bit of a mouthful, but it genuinely isn’t really. It is basically pronounced: pit-ak-ion-ophobia.

‘Pittakion’ is the Greek term for label or ticket (in Latin it truly is ‘pittacium’) and so, blended with ‘phobia’ pittakionophobia is the irrational anxiety of stickers or of labels.

Will cause of Pittakionophobia – Fear of Stickers

The genuine will cause of pittakionophobia pretty much usually lie in the individual’s past.

For the reason that of a former practical experience, the person’s subconscious has connected stickers or sticky labels with nervousness and threat.

Most often, this has transpired in childhood or in the early decades of adolescence, however in some situations it may have occurred afterwards in everyday living.

These types of an practical experience may perhaps have occurred immediately, as a result of a traumatic experience involving a sticker – getting 1 stuck to some portion of the physique, for instance – or even indirectly as a final result of a different person’s fearful knowledge that was observed by the human being who would then go on to build the phobia. Treatment of Sticker Phobia

The very good news is that true and successful relief is accessible.

Performing with a well expert and expertly educated innovative transformational hypnotherapist, it is feasible to reach back again and uncover the origin of this phobia.

After this is achieved, we can simply just neutralize the incorrect belief that has been installed in the unconscious that stickers or sticky labels mean threat and that it requires to result in panic.

In its area we can establish feelings of relaxed and peace when encountering or contemplating about stickers or sticky labels, entirely removing pittakionophobia.

The very simple actuality is that you have been not born with this phobia and you do not have to proceed to are living your lifestyle all around this worry.

If you – or anyone you treatment about – are worried of stickers if you suffer from the dread of stickers or are concerned of sticky labels then there definitely is something you can do about it.

With the professional use of advanced hypnotherapy you can be freed from the horrible concern of stickers – pittakionophobia – and cease staying frightened of stickers for great.

Check with with a thoroughly skilled qualified superior transformational hypnotherapist who has knowledge in dealing with this and other phobias and get started the liberating process of liberating by yourself from the pointless fear of stickers or the dread of sticky labels – pittakionophobia – now.

You can say goodbye to your sticker phobia speedily and simply – and you will be enormously delighted that you did!

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